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Quantum computing is rapidly advancing, and IQM Quantum Computers, a global leader […]
We are packed up and ready for the APS March Meeting 2024! […]
Scalinq Dagens Industri
SCALINQ’s was featured today in Sweden’s largest business newspaper, Dagens Industri. In […]
SCALINQ and Atlantic Quantum are pleased to announce a partnership to accelerate qubit control, characterization, and measurements with state-of-the-art cryogenic hardware.
The University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering will anchor the […]
The Quantum Insider featured SCALINQ in an article discussing the newly announced […]
CliQ – Compact Lowpass Infrared Quantum Filter
SCALINQ, a leading innovator in the field of quantum technology, has recently […]
Dr. Peter Leek, SCALINQ's Scientific Advisor
We are excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Peter Leek to […]
Deep Tech Entrepreneurship Conference
SCALINQ is attending the Deep Tech Entrepreneurship Conference hosted by the Swedish […]
We are pleased to introduce our accomplished and proficient scientific advisor who […]
Robert Rehammar and other co-founders of SCALINQ were selected to IVA’s Top […]
The Quantum Insider has published an article on “73 Quantum Computing Startups […]
Superconducting Hardware Solutions at Techarenan in Stockholm In the modern era, quantum […]
With both a business and technology background, people like Lisa Rooth, co-founder and […]
Our sample holder, LINQER, can be mounted in all refrigerators available in the market, including Oxford Instruments NanoScience’s Proteox range.
SCALINQ was profiled in one of Sweden’s leading business magazines, Dagens industri (DI)
SCALINQ’s CEO named Young Pioneer of the Year
CEO of SCALINQ, Zaid Saeed, was named the Young Pioneer of the Year 2022 at the Årets Nybyggare award ceremony in Stockholm.
SCALINQ has been selected as one of seven quantum startups to watch […]
QST published a paper on 3D integrated qubits using a flip-chip architecture which was housed in LINQER, a sample holder from SCALINQ.
SCALINQ is one of five startups to be accepted into the second […]
A scalable packaging solution for superconducting quantum circuits enabling up to 300 microwave connectors!
"We are already building hardware solutions and quantum processors that are matching the worlds best in performance"

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