SCALINQ’s was featured today in Sweden’s largest business newspaper, Dagens Industri. In an interview, our CEO Zaid Saeed shared his views on the development of quantum computers, and how we are helping to accelerate it.

Photo Credit : Louise Nylund

In a world where quantum computers are akin to the bulky machines of the 1960s, SCALINQ is committed to ushering in a new era of compact, high-performance hardware. The company focuses on refining the technology by ensuring that microwave pulses, the backbone of quantum computing, reach and interact with quantum bits seamlessly.

Meet Zaid Saeed and the visionary minds at SCALINQ, a startup set on transforming quantum computer technology from the confines of university labs into the dynamic realm of commercial use. Zaid, the CEO and co-founder, shares his passion for making a tangible impact: “Basically, you want to create, make a difference, and leave a mark.” SCALINQ is here to ensure that groundbreaking quantum research transcends the confines of academic papers and sees the light of day where it’s needed most. 

Founded in the vibrant quantum computing hub of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, Scalinq pioneers the development and sale of sub-components crucial for the functionality of quantum computers. Zaid envisions a quantum-powered revolution across all industries, much like the internet’s transformative influence on our daily lives.

With three products already in their repertoire and more in development, SCALINQ aims to revolutionize the quantum computer’s entire construction methodology, shifting from a purely research-oriented approach to a commercially viable one.

You can find the full article [in Swedish] here