Quantum computing is rapidly advancing, and IQM Quantum Computers, a global leader in the field, continues to drive large-scale commercial quantum adoption. Recently, IQM achieved a significant milestone by achieving benchmark results on their 20-qubit quantum computer. This success story highlights the power of their pioneering work and we are beyond excited to be part of realizing this milestone through our LINQER80 complete packaging solution.

This innovative sample holder plays a crucial role in achieving quality and scale at the system level. By leveraging the LINQER80 combined with their in-house hardware solutions, IQM has rapidly advanced its technology and shown clear evidence of its QPU’s functionality.

In a press release, IQM shared “The chip is based on IQM’s tunable-coupler concept, enabling fast two-qubit gate speed and state-of-the-art fidelity. Integrated with in-house-developed high-quality control electronics, the 20-qubit processor demonstrates a median two-qubit (CZ) gate fidelity of 99.51% across 30 qubit pairs, with maximum fidelity over a single pair reaching as high as 99.8%.”

IQM also states that they obtained the following:

  • Quantum Volume (QV) of 2^5=32
  • Circuit Layer Operations Per Second (CLOPS) of 2600.
  • 20-qubit GHZ state with fidelity greater than 0.5.
  • Q-score of 11

Dr. Juha Hassel, the Head of Engineering and Development at IQM Quantum Computers, emphasizes that this achievement is clear evidence of the functionality and quality of IQM’s technology. It sets the foundation for their mission to build quantum computers that deliver value to customers and contribute to the well-being of humankind.

The SCALINQ team is pleased to see our customers actively reaching their target milestones on their technology roadmaps. This truly demonstrates the power of strategic collaboration and combining technological excellence across institutional and geographical regions. This recent success from IQM is a great testament to our commitment to accelerate quantum research. The compatibility of our solutions with our customers’ existing hardware is crucial to rapidly developing greater systems.

To learn more about IQM’s groundbreaking achievement and their quantum computing solutions, visit their website at https://meetiqm.com/

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